Mission / Vision Mission; Spiral Cables; Turkey and the international cable industry in addition to having a brand that reinforces..

Our Quality Policy

    In the line of our Company’s vision for the future; we develop and manufacture affordable, easy-to-use, reliable consumer products and deliver after sales service by implementing state-of-the art  technologies to satisfy our customer needs beyond their expectations.

    Spiral Cables; has a R & D department that analyzes customer needs well. The customer has adopted the principle to meet expectations by providing timely and qualified solutions.

    We perform our activities to

    • Document, certificate and continuously improve our Quality Management System to comply with the ISO 9001 standard requirements,
    • Attain organizational and departmental targets with team-work concept, taking  Total Quality Philosophy into account, 
    • Review our work processes by conducting a self assessment program and define proactive activities to improve our overall performance,
    • Enhance productivity of all our processes to a level of international competition in direction of continuous improvement approach,  
    • Encourage innovative and creative approaches, and conduct trainings to increase technical and behavioral competencies

    Accompanying the Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems and we strive to set a model in durable goods sector with regard to quality efforts.

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